Recycling a can takes 95% less energy than producing a new one.

The Red Bull Cans

light in weight and 100% recyclable

Red Bull has made a conscious decision to use aluminium cans. Today Red Bull cans weigh significantly less than some years ago, which saves precious raw material. Once they are collected they are fully recyclable over and over again without any loss in quality.

  • 100% Recyclable

More than 16,200,000 km of truck travel are saved each year thanks to Wall-to-Wall Production.

Wall-to-Wall Production

Saves resources through short distances

Apart from using 80% of our energy from renewable sources, we implemented what's called 'Wall-to-Wall' production at the production site. This means our cans are manufactured and filled on the same site - helping us save many miles of transport. Since we don't have to transport empty cans to the fill up plant, this reduces the footprint significantly!

Wall-to-Wall production saves 14.845 tons of CO2 emissions each year.

Perfect shape and weight.The can is an ideal transport packaging.

Smart Transport

Produces less CO2 emissions

Red Bull Energy Drinks travel to their destination predominantly by train and ship. We'll only use trucks when it's absolutely necessary. Since our cans are compact in shape and light in weight, they are a more efficient transport packaging than PET or Glass Bottles.

Glass Bottles
need 40% more space
PET Bottles
need 30% more space
Our Can
light and compact

Seven Can Coolers use only as much energy as a single 100 watt light bulb.

Efficient Cooling

Through ecofriendly coolers

We know a can of Red Bull Energy Drink tastes best when ice cold. That's why we developed our environmentally friendly Red Bull ECO-Coolers which use up to 45% less energy than conventional refrigerators.

Red Bull has installed 980,000 ECO Coolers instead of conventional coolers already. 

Our manufacturing process uses up to 80% of it's energy from renewable resources.

The Lifecycle of the Can

The end of the can - a new beginning.

Explore the world behind the can